Wendy and Lucy

Wendy and Lucy ★★★★½

Reichardt Exploration - Three


Vague discussion on the plot follows... 

Unlike the unspoken sorrows of Kurt and Mark, Wendy finds herself in a world of people decrying or neglecting the positions that life has put them in. Reichardt captures a literal ghost town overwhelmed with bureaucracy and cold hearts, but with some exceptions helping our central point follow her path. Easily the best of this run through so far, as it feels like her most honest and heartbreaking. None of her works, of yet, have felt manufactured in any way. The camera is almost always on Wendy, but it doesn’t make some cinematic revelation for her. It doesn’t give her an easy way out. Because the world hasn’t given anyone like her an easy way out. 

I hope we can find it in ourselves to give help to people who need it. 

I hope we realize that we are all human beings who are worthy of love and help. 

I hope we can fix this world one day, even if I never get to see it. 

I hope Wendy makes it to Alaska, I really do.