Paint Drying

Paint Drying

hi i’m using this movie to rant because apparently that’s what ppl do on here

for me, this app has become a weird place. i often avoid watching films so i don’t have to log them and open this app because it’s become all-consuming in a weird way and i hate it

it’s almost definitely to do with my undiagnosed OCD but for the past few months i’ve been liking every single review i see on my timeline. now, that on the surface doesn’t seem like an issue. but it’s become an OCD-type chore where if i’m not up to date, i feel anxious. like, i’ve literally cancelled plans cause my brain is yelling at me for not having liked reviews. i know that sounds stupid but it’s the truth lol

so i’m basically gonna just use this app to log my silly little reviews and then hop straight off. i’m also a massive people-pleaser so feel like i have to apologise for being a “bad mutual” on here or whatever if i don’t return likes/comments but it’s litro just cause i’ve gotta put my mental health first

but yeah hope that’s ok, i’ve loved reading everyone’s reviews and genuinely find them sooo funny/well thought out, etc. but i’m defo gonna have to limit my use of this app otherwise i’ll go crazy

ok bye

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