Tenet ★★

Let me just preface, I do like Christopher Nolan. He's by no means a perfect filmmaker but he can definitely make a damn good film.

So can someone please explain to me what the fuck happened in this film? I genuinely don't have a goddamn clue. And its not in a wierd, thought provoking way, just plain confusion. My disliking of this movie partly stems from that but a lot of that is based on the viewers experience so I won't criticize its tough plot. But the other source for my confusion is directly due to the filmmaking. Being real, this is some of the worst dialogue I've heard in recent times. My brain rejected the lines. Even if I tried to focus on what the characters were saying I couldn't. The limes were so flat. Spewing exposition like a fucking geizer. And it doesn't help that it was drowned out by the awful audio mixing.

My other problem was that there was no emotional core of the film. The characters were just vehicles for Nolan to shit out big words about time. I mean John David Washington's character's name is "Protagonist". And thats really about it, there is no humanity to him he is just a protagonist. I was thinking about other "incoherent" movies. Inherent Vice stuck out in my mind. You know, at least I felt more than confusion while watching that movie.

I do have to praise the attempt to annihilate conventional narrative but did it have to be so flat.

Maybe I'll watch it again and like it more. Who knows?

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