Casablanca ★★★★★

About Casablanca we can say that it is the cinema par excellence, the cinema that cannot be more cinema than this. A series of joint factors contribute to this equation, Casablanca equal to cinema, making it a perfect anthology of the archetypes of all genre cinema, masterfully masterfully tuned together. The complex characterizations of each character are the fabric of a thrilling plot, in which in which action, melodrama, historical drama and personal events are perfectly balanced. To Americans, who have been in the war for a year, the film sounds like a commendable interventionist apologue. Humphrey Bogart is an extraordinary cynical hero, bitter and tired, who has had enough of war and trouble and who refuses to take a stand. Everyone reproaches him for this: isolationism is no longer a viable policy. He doesn't budge at first, but then changes his mind out of love. Love gives him back his identity, and those newfound feelings push him to get busy, to get on the right side and to win the war. A war without battles, bloody deaths, massacres and ruins. Only noble feelings, intrigues, passions, and a love sacrificed on the altar of a greater cause. As Umberto Eco wrote about the film: «Two clichés make us laugh. A hundred clichés move us».

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