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  • Moonlight



    Scavenger Hunt 24 - March 2017
    Task #14: A best picture winner you really want to see, but just haven't gotten around to it.

    As the credits rolled on the critically acclaimed, Academy Award winning
    film Moonlight, I was initially left unsure as to what my thoughts were. As a white heterosexual woman, what can I really say about the struggles of a young, black man who is trying to come to terms with being gay, without it sounding contrived?…

  • Lovesick



    Scavenger Hunt 24 - March 2017
    Task #2: A film featuring a disease that you had at least once in your life had, or always have had.

    Lovesick tells the tale of Dash (Jacob Tierney), a 33-year-old aspiring painter in Winnipeg, who is struggling to come to terms with his ex and love of his life Lauren (Jessica Pare) becoming engaged to the rather irritating Mark (Jay Baruchel).

    Although predictable in some aspects, as many movies of this genre can…

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  • Sicario



    Scavenger Hunt 15 – June ‘16
    Task#8: A film recommended to you by one of your friends

    'You should move to a small town; somewhere the rule of law still exists. You will not survive here. You are not a wolf, and this is a land of wolves now’. Alejandro

    Sicario charts the progress of a group of law enforcement officers from different agencies, all of whom share the objective of pursuing one particular Mexican drug cartel but for very…

  • The Illusionist

    The Illusionist


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Scavenger Hunt 16 - July 2016: Film #1

    Task #26 - An animation without talking animals, fairy tale elements, fantasy or sci-fi.

    ‘Magicians do not exist’ :(

    I adored this film. It was like a waking dream that took me straight back home to the streets of Edinburgh and into buildings that I haven't set foot in since I moved away several years ago. All that with hardly a word being spoken other than the odd bit of English, Gaelic…