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  • Bad Ass

    Bad Ass


    Never fuck with a man wearing a fanny pack, especially when that man is Danny Trejo. That's the lesson two skinheads on a city bus learn after harassing and instigating Trejo into stomping a mud hole in their asses. When the altercation is captured on a cell phone video and uploaded to YouTube, Trejo's character, Frank Vega, becomes an internet celebrity. The public's new moniker for him: Bad Ass. Fifteen minutes of fame and all the perks that come with…

  • Roadie



    Meat Loaf is Travis Redfish, a beer-loving, simple-minded good ol' boy from Texas with a helluva knack for fixin' all sorts of thingamajigs, a trait he has honed from working for his dad's salvage company (their slogan: Everything Works If You Let It!). One afternoon while distributing Shiner beer and laying claim to the crown of Boogie-Woogie, Seat-Dancing King, Redfish passes a broken-down RV with a smile-flashing groupie whom he immediately proclaims to be the "first woman [he's] ever cared…

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  • Le Cercle Rouge

    Le Cercle Rouge


    There are many reasons to fall in love with a movie. Maybe you're able to relate to the characters on a deeply personal level. Maybe the movie stimulates you intellectually or emotionally. Maybe, like a ride at a carnival, you find the movie enormously entertaining and fun. Or maybe, in the case of Le Cercle Rouge, the movie is so effortlessly cool, so assured and stylish and elegant in its approach, that you feel more like a badass just for…

  • Duel



    In a way, Duel isn't all that different from Halloween, except instead of a masked killer it's a rusted behemoth of a tanker truck. You'd never know that this feature was initially made for television, but that goes to show Spielberg's considerable talents as a director. The film is very thrilling and intense at times, but after awhile the thin premise begins to run out of gas. Perhaps a John Carpenter-like score would've upped the suspense.

    A leading man with…