KOKODA: The Spirit Lives

KOKODA: The Spirit Lives ★★★★★

Should be mandatory viewing for all Australians.

This was an excellent documentary about Kokoda and the fighting in Papua New Guinea in WWII. The Battle for Australia (as its known to some) is covered in great detail by a passionate and insightful Patrick Lindsay.

Patrick Lindsay knows his stuff about the Kokoda campaign and it shows. The documentary features footage of Lindsay in New Guinea itself and the Kokoda Track, as well as interviews with the brave diggers themselves and footage from the battles. It mixes all this quite well and is engaging throughout.

My grandfather was one of the brave men who fought to save Australia on the Kokoda Track. I have always been proud of him for the sacrifices he made. With him sadly passing in 2006, this documentary felt like I got to spend the evening with him again.

It made me emotional, angry, grateful and proud. Thank you to Patrick Lindsay and the filmmakers for producing this excellent documentary on this much neglected chapter of Australia's history.

Thank you also, to the many brave men who fought for our freedom. Lest We Forget

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