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  • Sunspring



    Serves as a really fascinating, possibly accidental investigation into a question I'm fascinated and have personally been trying to experiment with in writing: is our communication primarily through language, or the way we portray and deliver those words? The actors' challenge here is to make sense from nonsense, and because they do so marvelously we not only have a basic understanding of a story, but more power and emotion through those nonsensical words. "He looks at me and he throws me out of his eyes." It's like Shakespeare for the meme generation.

  • Balloonfest



    Are we the only species that builds monuments to itself? What happens when one of those testaments to our collective ego is free-floating, and able to crash back into us? We create our own destroyers.

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  • 20th Century Women

    20th Century Women


    I had a lot of scattered thoughts during this film, some of which I'll transcribe for you:

    -how does this movie expect me to believe Greta Gerwig's character is straight
    -Mills does a great job encapsulating the appeal of punk culture while not making an exceedingly "punk film"
        -that being said, he does utilize a lot of the punk idealogy he analyzes in the film. You don't have to be skilled to make something that maters if you have a…

  • Thor: Ragnarok

    Thor: Ragnarok


    Imagine playing an 80's coin op beat-em-up game with a balls crazy Flash Gordon/buckaroo banzai esque narrative and art from Jack Kirby and you'll be imagining this movie.