Bumblebee ★★★½

-This movie is better than ET because in ET there are no evil ETs and if there were I doubt they would turn into cars OR absolutely fucking deck ET when they come into contact with him.
-I cannot take John Cena seriously and that’s why I love him 
-the current wave of 80’s nostalgia movies is a soulless and deceptive cash grab, and yet this movie’s cute and scary robots won me over
-saw this with my family (it’s the holidays!), and my dad turned to me when the guy in the garage said something along the lines of “it’s yours, kid. Happy birthday.” And told me that made him more emotional than any scene in Mary Poppins Returns. And I think I wholeheartedly concur. I’m not sure which movie that’s more of a statement on.
-this movie isn’t bad looking despite the fact that the cinematographer appears to have only shot extremely ugly movies in the past. Is this guy stepping up his game, or is Travis Knight just that good? Who can say?
   -side note on that one, doesn’t Knight’s dad like OWN Nike or something? Which one of these people is more responsible for this movie as a whole?