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  • Branded to Kill

    Branded to Kill


    A contract killer with hamster cheeks and a fetish for boiled rice scores his marks in increasingly inventive ways, before he’s forced to run a gauntlet of fellow gangsters — and his fragile emotions — when a fatal error breaks the Yakuza code. And unfortunately for him, his final opponent has even stranger methods… Seijun Suzuki’s 1967 gonzo noir gets bonus points for sheer originality, that’s for sure. But it loses a bunch for its ridiculous sexism, which even given the culture and era comes over a bit too raw to get a pass for irony.

  • Ace Attorney

    Ace Attorney


    What is this, exactly? Yes, it’s based on the Nintendo DS game series, however it’s no straight adaptation. Its twisted sense of justice; heightened, stylised design; and occasional surreal moments signal satire all the way (and all par for the course for Takashi Miike). But that clashes hard with its deadly serious dramatic elements. If it jettisoned the latter, and were half an hour shorter, it might work a lot better as a more focused send-up of American courtroom dramas.

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  • Deadpool



    I think there's been some misreading of Deadpool among local film critics, who appear to have watched it through the lens of 'oh not another comic-book movie' and allowed that to colour their take on its very deliberate schtick. I can't even say I blame them, as such, because Deadpool is the very definition of a movie squarely aimed at fans, even more so than, say, The Force Awakens and its fan pandering at the expense of a better story,…

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Avengers: Age of Ultron


    The embargo's finally lifted so I can share with you all my surprising take on the second Avengers flick: it's shite.

    Now calm down, I will be fair; there are some improvements on the first one, which I hated with a burning passion. The awful 'witty' dialogue has been toned down for the most part. The treatment of the characters is more sympathetic to their solo adventures, if not canon. The Hulk, written backwards from one of those oh-so-witty lines…