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  • Wheelman



    Of all the Netflix acquisitions thus far, this is the one most sorely missing that cinema experience, with nighttime vistas and adrenaline-pumping scenes that would spark on the big screen. In any case, it's quite simply a tour de force by Frank Grillo as the titular driver, double-crossed by his paymasters and racing the streets of Boston, and against time, to save his family. A tired old plot, to be sure, but with a breathtakingly fresh spin by writer/director Jeremy…

  • Mayhem



    Where to start with Mayhem? Let’s list the cons. It’s Yet Another Viral Outbreak Movie, for one. It’s Yet Another Workplace Satire, too. The cast of Serbs and antipodeans give up trying to hide their real accents as the plot’s literal clock runs out. The synth-driven faux-retro soundtrack is just like every other neo-exploitation flick you’ve seen in the last few years. ‘Derivative’ is the word that springs to mind.

    But it works in spite of all of that. It’s…

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  • Deadpool



    I think there's been some misreading of Deadpool among local film critics, who appear to have watched it through the lens of 'oh not another comic-book movie' and allowed that to colour their take on its very deliberate schtick. I can't even say I blame them, as such, because Deadpool is the very definition of a movie squarely aimed at fans, even more so than, say, The Force Awakens and its fan pandering at the expense of a better story,…

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

    Avengers: Age of Ultron


    The embargo's finally lifted so I can share with you all my surprising take on the second Avengers flick: it's shite.

    Now calm down, I will be fair; there are some improvements on the first one, which I hated with a burning passion. The awful 'witty' dialogue has been toned down for the most part. The treatment of the characters is more sympathetic to their solo adventures, if not canon. The Hulk, written backwards from one of those oh-so-witty lines…