Gaga: Five Foot Two ★★★

There are two sides to the subject of this documentary. There’s the real, unvarnished Stefani Germanotta, the one who’s self-aware and comfortably imperfect and can just about manage her celebrity status without freaking out. And there’s Lady Gaga, rich-and-famous-lifestyle-living pop superstar, whose latest incarnation is as a real, unvarnished version of her. So it’s hard to know at first whether to trust what we’re getting. Maybe that’s just the way she wanted it, until not even half-way through, when the pain of her now-diagnosed fibromyalgia cuts through the artifice. Major props to her for not letting that obvious discomfort affect her resolute self-confidence in knowing herself as a performer, and what she needs to do her job. She’s a good egg, and better than this film, technically speaking.