Glass ★★½

I meant to write this up Thumped, but other things got in the way, and as the release date drew closer the hot takes were already everywhere, and adding my own felt more and more a futile gesture. But for completion’s sake — what a waste. M Night Shyamalan simply doesn’t have it in him to do the ‘epic trilogy’ he pretends to present here. Pretends in that it’s not really a trilogy (Glass is a sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, but Split is not a sequel to Unbreakable, which does not a trilogy make) and very self-consciously not an epic, making the lack of a budget to fulfil its ambitions painfully obvious. It’s almost not worth pointing out the clash of performances veering wildly from stilted to overegged, and the inevitability of The Twist that renders the plot all too predictable (I was on the right track before the movie was half-way done). I imagine it will be re-evaluated to some degree as a cult classic in years hence, as it’s not without a certain amount of incongruous charm (James McEvoy’s unnerving multiple personalities role from Split being more or less played for laughs here, for one) but still. Also, seriously, what is it with Shyamalan and distractingly wobbly tracking shots?