I Am Santa Claus

I Am Santa Claus ★★★½

Here's a film of two parts. One's a basic documenting of erstwhile wrestler (and self-confessed Christmas fanatic) Mick Foley transforming himself into Santa Claus for the season that's in it. The other's far more interesting, a docu-diary following various different Santas - the gay one, the grumpy one, the swinger one, the one who changed his name by deed poll - as they prep for the few weeks of the year that they live for, dressed up as jolly ol' Saint Nick to wow the kids and keep the magic alive. Director Tommy Avallone is fairly unobtrusive, not standing in judgement like others within the official Santa fraternity (bet you didn't know there was one before now). It's also refreshing to see a portrayal of people who might otherwise be painted in monotone, as sad or pathetic individuals, as more or less 'normal' guys with a peculiar but benign passion.