Logan ★★

So James Mangold finally got to make his R-rated Wolverine. And? Strip away the air of ‘serious film’-ness surrounding this super-anti-hero flick and it’s a fairly ordinary road movie, gussied up by a gritty pomo western style, relatively extreme violence, and uncharacteristic potty-mouth dialogue. All very cute, like when Jackman says ‘fuck off’ in that Avengers cameo. Fanboys can shove it.

Out of its context as a Marvel movie, it’s nothing special, even compared to its Japan-set predecessor (still an underrated film, despite its own issues). And when one considers that the plot mangles the Old Man Logan storyline (gutting the pivotal redemptive theme by shifting the blame from Logan to Xavier) while lifting wholesale from a Jubilee arc that erases her from the picture entirely (almost: putting pink-rimmed shades on the little mute girl sidekick adds insult to injury)? That only sours my opinion further.