Midnight Run

Midnight Run ★★★

This one took a long time to get going for me; I sat stone-faced through much of the first half, failing to see the appeal. Then I started to warm up to the odd-couple pairing of Robert De Niro, as a wiseass but relatively straight-shooting bounty hunter, and his bounty Charles Grodin's understated neuroses and middle-class contempt (which gives way to respect in a natural fashion). Imagine Planes, Trains and Automobiles dialled down a few notches and you're close, but not close enough, as that film doesn't have a supporting cast like hard-case FBI agent Yaphet Kotto and slimy bail bondsman Joe Pantoliano, and a script that weaves distinct threads into a cohesive whole. However, I still think Midnight Run is a film more to admire than enjoy as a comedy, and the bouncy soundtrack suggests I wasn't wrong to expect it be such.

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