Okja ★★★

There’s real magic to Okja, when it’s just the titular CG mega-pig and her friend Mija, spending time together in their mountain forest home, or on the run from the dastardly authorities who want to carve her up for lunch. Their relationship is genuine and heartfelt, such that it even lends sweetness to a fart joke.

The problem is with the English-language sections, which drag out the pace to a crawl and fiddle needlessly with the tone, which oscillates wildly between overcooked farce and smug self-serious satire, meeting in the middle with a kind of cod Wes Anderson schtick.

For every performance that works — An Seo Hyun is the clear standout as Mija; Paul Dano brings the air of a mortician to his animal liberation activist; even Jake Gyllenhaal’s Steve Irwin-inspired TV naturalist is just ridiculous enough — there’s one that doesn’t. At all.

Tilda Swinton in particular is simply taking the piss with her amateur dramatics in not one but two roles; so shockingly bad, in fact, she almost single-handedly derails the whole thing. Leave her scenes on the cutting room floor and you’d be half-way to a classic.