R.I.P.D. ★★★

Why all the hate? Granted, it's a shameless rip of Men In Black (substituting aliens with dead people) and with no one to really play the funny man, it's definitely lacking that humour element to balance its more serious side (represented mostly by Stephanie Szostak, who comes off as far too good for the over-the-top shenanigans around her). But in and of itself, it's no disaster: a solid, pacy, decent-looking action romp with able leads in Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges (who looks to be having fun with his 18th-century lawman schtick) who make up with their bristly chemistry what they lack in charisma. No one embarrasses themselves. I thought it was fine. Better than director Robert Schwentke's RED, at any rate, though I'll give that it fits right in to the 'Wednesday night movie' genre.