Run Ricky Run ★★★

Who is the owner of one’s destiny? Is it the individual, who puts in the effort and dedication to reach their full potential, whatever that may be? Or the others who rely on those results to support their own well-being, without putting in that same hard work? That’s pretty much the story of Ricky Williams: a phenomenally gifted athlete who couldn’t possibly handle the expectations weighing upon him, especially when dealing with social anxiety at the very least, but who faced up to the conflict between these contrasting paths — and chose the one less travelled by. The problem with that, however, is that in going his own way, he shirked his very personal responsibilities, which are quite different from others’ expectations: that runs from his connections with friends and lovers to his relationships with his children. A rounded, sympathetic picture of a complicated man (though not one particularly well-made from a technical point of view).