Sandy Wexler ★★½

Yes, it’s 2017 and I just willingly sat through a new Adam Sandler movie. He’s only got himself to blame for his poor reputation, and even this one — a parodic tribute to his own manager — checks most of the wrong boxes, like roles for all his mates, and that one voice he does. But here’s the thing: Sandy Wexler is actually not terrible? I know, it can barely believe it either. But by steering away from the humour-bypass schtick he’s wallowed in since the mid-90s, Sandler’s almost reconnected with the same person who made Billy Madison, and flashed briefly in The Wedding Singer and Punch Drunk Love. Almost, not quite: it could tell the same story much better in two-thirds of the time; he hasn’t earned such indulgence. But if we’re grading on a curve here, Sandler gets a pass.