The Cloverfield Paradox ★★½

There’s a sound idea for a film within The Cloverfield Paradox, and a promising cast to execute it. But something in the production went very, very awry.

Much of that is evident in a generic story hampered by a poorly structured script, with the kind of misjudged tension-cutting humour that plagues middle-of-the-road horrors and thrillers nowadays, and that’s even before the obvious shoe-horning of Cloverfield ‘franchise’ elements (to the extent that it retcons the original movie, with rhyme but no reason).

Often a charming cast can carry the burden, but in this case it feels like they were thrown together minutes before cameras rolled, rather than being cooped up in a space station for two years. No one here comes out of this looking particularly awful, but it’s one to leave off the CVs.

So yeah, it’s not good. However, it’s no more a ripoff or pastiche of other, better sci-fi thrillers than the likes of Alien: Covenant or Life, and neither of those faced the level of vitriol spewing its way.