The End of the Tour ★★★½

Never meet your heroes, the saying goes. That’s basically the second-act hook of this docu-styled dramatisation of writer David Lipsky’s five days in the company of David Foster Wallace for a Rolling Stone profile. It’s part road movie, part conversation, part musing on the things that artists give up of themselves to do the work they do — and the conflicts that throws up between observer and subject.

Jason Segel is engaging as Wallace, embodying his everyman philosopher spirit, or at least that gleaned from his essays and articles — and that’s coming from someone who is most definitely not a fan of Infinite Jest. Jesse Eisenberg is fine as the starstruck hot-shit mag scribe forced to confront what he really wants from this situation. Together they make quite the odd couple. And while the film is far from mind-blowing or revelatory, you won’t be worse off from a couple of hours in their company.

Unless you're a big DFW fan, in which case you may come away disappointed, and wish you'd never met it.