Warcraft ★★★

Another blockbuster, another critical evisceration, not all of it deserved. Duncan Jones' adaptation of the MMORPG kingpin falls between two stools for me. As a lapsed WoW player (I've got a level 53 dwarf paladin gathering dust on a server somewhere) I could appreciate the layers of references, and the crafting of this world - no pun intended - after the stylised appearance of the game environment. As a film critic, it's got serious problems with an overstuffed plot that tries to do ALL THE THINGS. As a layman, with no prior experience of the game I can say I'd be totally lost, and alienated by the artificiality of it all. It lacks patience, it lacks focus, it lacks anything really at stake. But at the same time it's not without heart. There are fleeting moments of real depth and pathos, and it did leave me wanting more, a sequel to tell its tale a bit less breathlessly.

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