A Space Program

A Space Program ★★★½

definitely tone deaf in a lot of ways upon viewing in 2019 (better and more intentional writing for one.. and with that some more tasteful or considerate cues for its allusions or non-knowing utilization of eco-feminist theory), but as a film representation of a 2012 "elaborate conceptual performance art piece" i think it gets a lot of its intention across clearly. Creating as close to an authentic experience of space travel utilizing common materials as possible, the exhaustion and dedication of the crew shines and raises the suspension of disbelief to some extremely high-highs. An ode to the feats that humans have achieved in the past and taking itself so seriously that it reflects the earnestness of childlike recreation and imagination. maybe i'm biased bc i like sachs' work and the craftsmanship and execution of the 10 bullets, or because i see the architectural/design heritage by the inclusion of the Ray and Charles Eames film and the mid-century design allusion and fascination with japanese design and culture reflected in the tea ceremony, or the increasing absurdity and embracing of distinctly US manifestations of consumerism (seen in sachs' other work e.g. the mcdonalds meal and the Nike Mars Yard shoe) + 20th century US signs of edginess, crassness, and irony poisoning (pentagrams, 666). even through its tweeness, it's similar to my sugar addiction. It's worn away the enamel in my teeth and it hurts me to eat, but i still want the flavor and sugar because it still feels okay to consume.

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