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  • The Sword in the Stone

    The Sword in the Stone


    Everyone knows the Legend of King Arthur, the boy who had to fight off the squirrel equivalent of Pepé Le Pew so that he might rule England. 🙄
    The one dark spot in the first Disney Renaissance (1950-1969).

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    My first time seeing Sleeping Beauty since its theatrical re-release in 1986. I dig the medieval-style designs (most noticable in the opening scene outside the castle). Even watching on DVD, the effort put into animating for 70mm film shines through, especially in the forest landscapes.
    Any time Maleficent is in screen is among the best and most intriguing work in the entire Disney ouvre up to this point; definite shades of Fantasia's A Night On Bald Mountain sequence with her…

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  • Mandy



    -Hooptober 5.0 Film #2-
    Once I decide I'm going to see a movie, I stop learning about it to go in as blind as possible. From the buzz surrounding this film, I expected something totally bonkers, with the Cage Rage cranked up past 11 as he swings his mighty chainsaw to fell all evildoers.

    I was somewhat misled; Mandy is a revenge picture that spends the first third developing the main characters so that the viewer is fully on board…

  • Lucky



    "Some things in this world are bigger than all of us. A tortoise is one of them."