Cleaners ★★★★½

If you are seeing an unexpected number of 5 stars and generally-positive reception, believe it. Believe the hype. Believe the enjoyment.

Glenn Barit's Cleaners, one of the most inventive films in recent memory, completely reinvigorates Philippine cinema, and presents a world for these teenagers that is hopeful, in that their youthful vigor and restless optimism is bigger than any dire challenges they might face. Cleaners is much more than its gimmick, these highlighted photocopied stills perfectly capture the essence of a fading memory, symbolic of a time that passed, these highlights representing our selves. These are the memories that made us, us. As endearing as it is nostalgic, and as chaotic as it is blissful. Cleaners is perfect cinema as a time capsule encapsulated.

P.S The needle drops in this movie are to die for. (I'm talking bout you, tinikling scene)

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