Tenet ★★★★★

A perfect 5 stars for this one because... I WORKED ON THIS DAMN MOVIE FOR ALL OF 2019! That’s right, I’m a Tenet Boy!

Sure the movie is confusing as hell. Sure the sound mix is not properly executed for any viewer. And of course there’s little to no character development. 

Does any of that matter? HELL FUCKING NO. 

It’s super easy to nitpick parts of movies of this grandeur, especially the ones that are geared primarily for mass appeal. But, I’m hoping everyone can eventually get past their fun little critiques on how imperfect a massive $200 million original IP sci-fi time travel movie that spans 7 countries using all practical effects with revolutionary stunt work and 70mm IMAX cinematography all under the helm of the “oppressive” studio system and see this movie for what it truly is: a completely singular, ballsy, and bonkers action tour de force. 

Having witnessed this thing for all of 2019 firsthand as a member of the team, this movie is an absolute miracle and I am beyond proud of our entire squad in each department in every country for pulling off such a good old fashioned pure cinema spectacle. And then on top of that, to figure out a way to release it in theaters and somehow break records at the box office in multiple countries during COVID is truly astounding. This is nonstop big screen Hollywood fun, with a complex scientific layer backing it that gets more fun the more you digest it. 

I am so stoked to be a part of the Tenet family and I have a good feeling that people are going to check this out for multiple viewings to unlock the code to Chris Nolan’s mind. If you like movies (which we all do here) make sure to go support your local theater when you feel safe and check this one out!

Go Team Tenet!!

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