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  • Splendor in the Grass

    Splendor in the Grass

    You had me at “...and a woman is driven to madness.” 

    Nathalie Wood is incredible in this. I love the way she yells. It’s so guttural.  It sounds like an old woman on a bus recalling being 16 in the 50s.

  • A Kiss Before Dying

    A Kiss Before Dying

    Robert Wagner’s girlfriend tells him she’s pregnant in the first scene and then he tries to kill her in the next scene and then over and over. Poison. Pushing. Roof throwing. He’s a terrible trying to be murderer!  In movies...

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  • Too Young to Kiss

    Too Young to Kiss

    A 22 year old woman, who looks for 42 (because, 1951) pretends to be a 12 year old to impress a music producer. They fall in love (because, 1951), and, in an unexpected turn, I really enjoyed this movie. 

    Even though she was... Too Young To Kiss!

  • No Way Out

    No Way Out

    The Costner Test. 
    Does he:
    1. Show us no skill but in every scene we are told he’s the best. The best police officer/body guard/vague navy soldier. Why? Who cares. He’s just the best. 
    2. Have no discerning personality trait but he’s inexplicably everyone’s favorite person.
    3. Have almost no interaction with Hot Woman but within seconds she’s OBSESSED with him. Like, sobs after one night with him. Because she loves him so much. 
    4. Is not very nice to…