1917 ★★★★

I'm pretty much just writing a review out of habit for this one, because there's really not much to say...

This was amazing. Cinematography was excellent on it's own, and combined with the "one-shot" style, it was hecking supreme. Which obviously means the editing was great, too. I obviously noticed the clear PLACES where they probably cut it, but still can't be positive exactly when they chose to do so - I wonder if they stitched together any shots; a la Parasite. Score was also great, both on it's own, and when paired with the visuals and imagery of the film. Uhhh, acting was fine, too! MacKay isn't the best actor, but besides some dialogue, he was a perfect vehicle to follow the story with, and relate to at some points. Set and general production design was also impressive as shit.

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