Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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This review may contain spoilers.

My overall opinion on the film Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure was that it was a great movie. I rate it an A- because while it was a great film, it had its flaws. One character that I felt was important would have to be Ted’s (Keanu Reeves) dad played by Hal Landon Jr. I felt that this character was very important because he said that if Bill and Ted failed their history report, Ted would have to go to a military school in Alaska. This caused people from the future to go back in time to help Bill and Ted get an A on their history report so that they wouldn’t be separated. An important scene in this film would have to be the scene at the end where Rufus goes back and brings them guitars and tells them about their future. I feel as though this scene was important because we find out why it was so vital that Bill and Ted didn’t get separated, as we were told at the beginning of the film by the people from the future. In conclusion, I think that this movie had a great story line, the acting overall was good, it was funny, and I enjoyed watching it.