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  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    Jarmusch just having fun trolling his audience in every way it seems like, creating a movie that is largely nothing more than loosely connected and incredibly self-aware/meta jokes told as dry as can be. The end result is an INCREDIBLY strange movie I'm not sure how I really think about it, but it is definitely hilarious.

  • Short Term 12

    Short Term 12


    At the time this came out it was one of my favorite movies of the 2010s, but rewatching the whole thing for the first time since then... not big on it anymore. Of course the cast is amazing, bringing together an ensemble of relative unknowns putting on great performances, that foreshadowed the success of each of the actors to come (two Oscar winners, Stephanie Beatriz pre-Brooklyn Nine Nine, the incredible Lakeith Stanfield, and Justified and Booksmart's Kaitlyn Dever). The script…

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  • Lost in Translation

    Lost in Translation


    Good movie

  • There Will Be Blood

    There Will Be Blood



    That is There Will Be Blood in a single word. Across every inch of its 158 minute landscape, every moment, every element, it is all menacing. Its story is menacing. Its score is fascinatingly menacing. But most important, Daniel Plainview played by Daniel Day-Lewis is the most menacing creature to ever walk the silver screen.

    All of this sculpts the movie into one of the greatest and most mesmerizing character studies of all time, as well as one of…