Phantom Thread ★★★★★

One of The Greatest Actors in the World and it's sad to say if this is his last film, I'm gonna miss Daniel Day Lewis's performances. Watching the trailer it seemed interesting and because it was an Oscar nod I decided to check it out. The open sequences of Phantom Thread were astonishing. Paul Thomas Anderson gives a detailed look at a day in the life of a dressmaker and what Lewis's characters goes through in making him plus his thoughts and stresses. In the those minutes as well I felt I was going to doze off. Until Lewis's character meets Alma. They fall in love at first glance and he bring her in his world of design. Though he's a private person, Alma desperately tries to get him to open up. While she tries many times it often fails. This is where it gets more intriguing and then a twist. I won't post any spoilers but I will say this, It's one of those unusual love stories not like the blah Fifty Shades but more of a Hitchcock style love story that is brilliantly written and acted by both Lewis & Alma played by Vicky Krieps. Lesley Manville is nominated for supporting actress but I believe Krieps should have been nominated too. Overall A Classic Film!