Godzilla: The Planet Eater ★★★½

Wrapping up the anime trilogy, Planet eater is the climax of the various storylines introduced in the final two stories (well sort of?). After the Bilusalado failed attempt to merge with Mechagodzilla, the other alien race decides to make final play. Turns out the creepy religious aliens have an equally creepy god, as they proceed to summon Ghidorah to bring about the end of Earth.

We (sort of) got Mothra and Mechagodzilla in the prior movie, so it makes sense to bring in Godzilla's most notorious enemy. And while I wasn't too happy with the reimagining of Mechagodzilla, I have to say the interpretation of Ghidorah here is great. Too often Ghidorah has been sort of a lackey of other alien invaders. Here, he is an eldritch abomination, a cosmic horror from another universe. The aliens in question don't control him, they worship him, in the manner not terribly different overall from what the average Lovecraftian cultist might do. I would absolutely love if this angle was applied to Toho's next version of Ghidorah. Because the one thing we haven't seen Godzilla fight is a Great Old One, and this is scratches that itch.

Okay, so Ghidorah was pretty cool here, and the first half managed to be intriguing. But the movie still suffers from being just a bit too Talky, with characters seemingly describing over and over the same thing, especially obvious during the Ghidorah attack. And Godzilla, while he has looked cool, is animated in such a way in that way that renders him a slow moving almost inanimate object. Anime has the potential to depict and show off Kaiju in a way that live action can't, and while that promise is filled with Ghidorah, Godzilla still is rather disappointing

Also...this certainly went places I didn't expect. Let just say this movie makes the original Godzilla feel like a light-hearted romp.

So this is my final Japanese Godzilla movie on my big rewatch that has now spanned over a year. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that is a light reflecting from the Legendary Films logo...