In Bloom

You know when you see injustice and no one is doing anything to rebel against it and your stomach just hurts because of anger and frustration? This is how I felt watching this movie.
At first I thought I was gonna be bored. Nothing like it: it is naturalistic and therefore there's no artificial/oriented plot, just the life of two 14 years old girls growing up in a strongly retrograde and sexist society, but the energy is always always there.
Because the movie introduces their background little by little, I felt in love with these two girls slowly, without realizing it and suddenly I was rooting for them as their true spirits bloom through daily adversities.
The dinamics between the two are so well built, and just by seeing things, you understand what is going on, where they come from and where they're going, they don't need to tell you. And by "things" I mean the dance scene which is so iconic and beautiful!

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