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  • Reframed: Marilyn Monroe

    Reframed: Marilyn Monroe

    loved the choice of a female director and the choice to feature all women speakers. i knew a lot of the ground the series covers, but i loved seeing the way the doc was put together. haunted by the home video footage of young marilyn before her career had even begun. posing in the front yard of her home, in a fancy dress with a big smile.

    really felt amy greene-andrews anger at the conspiracy theories surrounding marilyn's death. addicts die. that's the tragedy of her death, not any conspiracy involving the mob or the kennedy's.

  • Elvis



    austin butler winning an academy award for sluttiest performance by a male actor

    not but seriously i had so much fun with this one!!!!!! austin butler plays elvis as a feral showman, with plenty of crotch shots* and sweat :) there's honestly moments when it looks like elvis is onscreen. hottest moments include: suspicious minds, trouble, and several instances of microphone swallowing. OBSESSED with the crash zoom during hound dog on the ed sullivan show. i think as a ~cinephile~ community we should start chanting BAZZZZZZZZ in the style of springsteen fans shouting bruceeeeeeee. planning on seeing this again :)))))))

    *still needed more

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  • The Devil's Advocate

    The Devil's Advocate


    this movie has everything:

    -al pacino speaking like five different languages
    -al pacino doing a tango (and it's not scent of a woman)
    -evil titties
    -charlize theron's baby face
    -the last 30 minutes being al pacino taking the best of his performances in the 90s, stuffing them into one role, and going batshit crazy
    -goat sacrifice
    -keanu reeves trying his best
    -al pacino in 2 inch boots, yet still managing to be a short king
    -(spoilers?) incest
    -al pacino's…

  • Frida



    CW: sexual harassment, sexual assault

    first of all, please please read selma hayek's words about the making of this film here.

    some things that stood out to me:
    "He made me doubt if I was any good as an actress, but he never succeeded in making me think that the film was not worth making...He would let me finish the film if I agreed to do a sex scene with another woman. And he demanded full-frontal nudity."

    "My body began…