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This review may contain spoilers.

spike lee wanted to get political in this film. you see it in the references. a lawn sign reads "america– love it or leave it!" you can overhear a klansmember say "make america great again." ron scoffs at the idea of a mainstream racist occupying the white house. repeatedly we hear "america first" from the mouths of violent racists.

then there's the ending, in which spike lee shows images of the charlottesville "unite the right" neo-nazi rally. this wasn't the original ending, but lee felt it was the best ending. lee is eluding to the current political climate all throughout the film, but the ending solidifies it. it's almost as if lee felt the need to spell it out to the audience. sometimes (white) audiences leave films like this saying "well thank god we're not racist like that anymore!" spike lee refuses to let the audience take that away from his film.

spike lee predicted green book winning. at the beginning of the black student union speech, kwame ture angrily says, "black people can't do the same thing a white person can do, unless a white person helps them" (19:13). if that doesn't describe a white savior film like green book.....

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