Lady Bird

Lady Bird β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

first watch of the decadeπŸ’•

there's something so special about this film. beyond the warm and loving feeling it radiates, it manages to capture such an important element of growing up. i've said this before in my previous reviews, but it's amazing how much this lesson stands out after several watches and you notice it: the people around you love but also hurt, and to truly grow up you have to learn about that amazing feeling, the feeling of empathy. when christine calls her parents at the end, and it's paired with shots of her driving around sacramento, there's this amazing moment. it quickly cuts from christine to her mother driving from the same angle and in the same position, i think that's a moment that sums this feeling up so perfectly. there are so many important lines in this movie, and they all make me cry. thank you again greta. thank you so much.

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