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short films (with links)

a collection of short films i've seen over the years. arranged in release order (most recent first). i'll add more as i watch more. links are included in the notes section.

(note: a short film included in this list is something that's usually under an hour long, or a longer compilation of short films).

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  • Anima
  • L'Observateur
  • I Am Easy to Find
  • Guava Island
  • How to Be Alone
  • Ant Head
  • Leading Lady Parts
  • Dirty Computer
  • Bao
  • For the Hungry Boy
  • Light Beings
  • The Magic Diner Pt.II
  • 2048: Nowhere to Run
  • Elle Fanning's Fan Fantasy
  • Hi Stranger
  • The Magic Diner
  • Tropico
  • Ride
  • Meshes of the Afternoon
  • Un Chien Andalou
  • The Seashell and the Clergyman
  • Sherlock, Jr.
  • The Great Train Robbery
  • A Trip to the Moon