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  • Walkabout



    very symbolism heavy and quite on the nose at points but beautiful and moving nonetheless. can't stop thinking about that vagina tree?

  • Hustlers



    during the first quarter of the film I was genuinely upset because I thought I was going to hate it; a big pet peeve of mine is unnecessary voiceover narration and the interview-flashback trope was tired and unimaginative but it soon picked up, the charm grew and by the end I loved it. HILARIOUS and ..... FUN! and wolf of wall street is SHAKING!

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  • Get Out

    Get Out

    greatest cinematic accomplishment by an american since stanley kubrick directed the moon landing

  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    oh my goodness this was pure magic. the use of desplat's incredible score almost as elisa's dialogue makes this film unlike any other. sally hawkins' gives an affecting and heartbreakingly beautful performance and michael shannon is just the perfect villain.

    guillermo del toro is an absolute master at making completely inhumane monsters conjure up the most humane emotions in the audience.