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I couldn't have written this review right after watching. I was depressed.

As the movie reflects on life, parenthood, and growing away from your parents as you get older, you reflect very much with it and Ozu's pace of the story lets thoughts linger in my mind.

The beautiful Noriko that is so polite to her parents-in-law moved me. The poor Keizo who can't stand the chanting of the monks because of his regrets was emotional. One of the moments that made me cry.

Japan is such a beautiful country - picturesque riverside villages and bustling metropoles, all connected by train. And the train plays a big role in the movie. I think Ozu loves trains.

The whole movie is stunningly melancholic both in presentation and dialogue. The conversations are simple, but they often cut deep. The camera never moves, it's always stationary. We are watching moving photographs.

I wonder whether I'll grow away from my parents when I get older.

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