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  • All the Crows in the World
  • Heaven Knows What
  • Titane
  • Promising Young Woman

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  • Damon Island

    Damon Island


    This was not what I was expecting at all! Starring former Miss Vietnam Australia Natalie Tran alongside First Day (2017) actress Elena Liu, Damon Island is a brief, intermittently superb horror independently produced in Sydney, Australia. 

    While I generally like to include a short synopsis for any particularly obscure titles I watch, I don’t think Damon really calls for one, as its story is mostly secondary to its means of non-linear storytelling. The short jumps between three interwoven chapters (risky…

  • Followers



    “Follow your own path and let the people talk.”

    I can’t believe we’re so blessed as to have a Mika Ninagawa TV SERIES. Otherwise known for her feature films, Helter Skelter, Sakuran and Diner, Ninagawa brings her signature lavish sets and ethereal aesthetic to this wonderfully candid exploration of femininity. 

    Followers looks so damn good, it honestly could have gotten away with being a little style over substance, though I’m pleased to report it’s anything but. Its ambitious themes include…

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