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  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2


    I remember seeing this when I was sixteen and it was so OBVIOUSLY amazing that when it ended I looked at my friend and said "It was fine" and we both knew I was kidding because it was so apparent that it was the best movie we'd ever seen.

    Well... here we are eight years later. Substantially less entertaining than I remembered-- obviously-- as it is the Iron Man movie most plagued by dreaded genericism. That said-- it's also, I…

  • Iron Man 3

    Iron Man 3


    This certainly holds up a lot better than Iron Man 2! It remains a very entertaining movie. When I first saw it I was not as familiar with Shane Black-- now that I am it really is abundant how much of this is just him cramming his classic go-tos (Christmas, wise-cracking kid) into an Iron Man movie, but boy does it make for a fun Iron Man movie, and it's cool to see Tony taken out of his elements-- AKA…

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  • Ouija



    Where the fuck are their parents?

  • Love the Coopers

    Love the Coopers


    Alan Arkin (82 YEARS OLD) plays the FATHER of:
    Diane Keaton (70 YEARS OLD) who is married to:
    John Goodman (64 YEARS OLD) who plays the FATHER of:
    Marissa Tomei (52 YEARS OLD) who plays the older sister of:
    Ed Helms (42 YEARS OLD) and
    Olivia Wilde (32 YEARS OLD).