BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

As someone who’s lived in Virginia all my life, I’ve grown accustomed to our motto ‘Virginia is for Lovers’. Growing up I lived in a more rural, white area despite not being very far south. I don’t wanna claim I’ve experienced racism, because I pass for white, but middle school surrounded by republican white kids was a nightmare made even worse because I was an outspoken democratic closeted gay. At my old white school, white kids would love to mock my last name (it’s one of the most popular latinx names so they’d purposely mispronounce it) and on one occasion, ask me where my green card was. I also remember white kids insisting my best friend as a child was my brother or cousin, just because we both have dark features and were tan enough to announce us as different. As a mostly white kid who had never left the east coast, that was just confusing. I ended up moving the last year of middle school to a county on the very outskirts of Virginia and D.C. The first day here alone, I saw the difference. My school is an even split of white and non-white kids, no one mocks my last name, I have 20x the amount of non-white friends, and I feel comfortable. As anyone who pays attention to politics knows, there was a white supremacist rally just 2 hours away from me. In a college town, relatively close to d.c., in a more liberal part of the state. It was confusing, and it became horrifying. My friends and I couldn’t understand why it would happen here, but thinking about this State’s history it made sense. There is a sense of entitlement and ‘white pride’ here. It’s disgusting and makes me ashamed Virginians have the audacity to act like we’re above the deeper south. The end showing footage of last year was a gut punch. The theater went silent and my mind immediately went to the white pride rally happening TODAY in the park across from the White House. This is getting long and my eloquence is running thin so I guess I’m gonna finish this with: Anyone who empathathizes with or respects these inbred fucks are seriously deranged and need to be held accountable. They’re monsters, treat them as such. Don’t make excuses.

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