Lady Bird ★★★★

i'm so lucky i saw this with a friend who's literally my platonic soulmate and kinda my dad bc if i saw it with my mom i would have had a break down! my friend and i were talking about how real this is, because we're close in age to her and the teen dialogue and struggles she goes through is real! it's not some dumb mainstream teen movie where it's like school is great, my bf is great, my parents are so supportive, i'm so prepared :~) like it's shit we go through every damn day!!! and even the dumb jokes are real! the joke about hair curlers looking like sperms is some legit high school/just starting college shit. it may seem stupid but it's so refreshing to see a girl and her friends be like me and my friends.
ALSO the theatre class was so real.... just gay and loud i love being repped

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