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This review may contain spoilers.

How does the saying go? I am a woman; hear me roar.

After many failed live-action remakes of beloved films and characters, Disney have finally hit the mark with Cruella. It’s badass, bold, beautiful, and reignites hope for future Disney remakes once again.

The storyline is original, and sets up not only the character of Cruella extremely well, but also Jasper, Horace, and how we lead into the events of 101 Dalmatians. Although this backstory doesn’t depict Cruella’s truly evil side, it definitely leaves hints and subtle remarks of the future for her character. 

The first act felt quite slow and prolonged to me; possibly because I didn’t particularly enjoy the flashback to Cruella as a child. Although essential to the story, I just found it bland, and unfortunately, the acting from the children was wooden. The second and third act definitely saved the film, and had me so hooked I didn’t want the film to end.

The overall aesthetic and theme of the film was executed brilliantly. The outfits and sets were perfection, the soundtrack was delightful, and the ‘70s punk vibe definitely worked more than I originally thought it would.

Emma Stone deserves every ounce of appreciation and praise for her role in this movie. She’s phenomenal, and alongside Emma Thompson and Joel Fry, this whole film flowed so effortlessly.

My biggest flaw with this film was the predicability of certain plot points and characters. Cruella being related to the Baronness was obvious from around the second act of the film, and I actually found the final, climactic scene to be underwhelming; falling off a cliff with a parachute just felt extremely out of place.

Cruella is a definite improvement from Disney in it’s attempts at origin stories. Despite not setting her up to be a truly evil villain just yet, this film is a whole ton of beautiful chaos, and girl power. With an ending scene that leads onto 101 Dalmatians, I can’t wait to see what Disney decides to do next.

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