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Here’s a sentence I never expected to write: The most romantic movie of the year (so far) is a police procedural. Then again, I wasn’t aware that “Oldboy” director Park Chan-wook — whose operatic revenge melodramas have given way to a series of ravishingly baroque Hitchcockian love stories about the various “perversities” that might bind two wayward souls together — was making a detective thriller. In that case, the heart-stirring potential of the Korean auteur’s new detective saga would have…

Julia Davis is the real MVP (IYKYK)

This worked for me on a surprising amount of levels. Hilarious and heartfelt and impulsively crude.

Full disclosure in that I'm friends with the people who made it but I really I loved it

Truly crazy ass movie! The shooting script was written in English and the actors then rehearsed it in English before performing the whole damn thing in gibberish. After the edit was locked, the film was then sent to a writer (Julia Davis at my screening) who gives the whole movie brand new subtitles with no concept of what the original story was. So many moving parts, incredible it got made in the first place and even more incredible that it really fucking works

Really want to give everyone in this movie a hug and then go give my mom a hug

"Scorn pain, ignore time, and never doubt that you'll find what you're looking for."

Deep in the primeval mountains of Tibet, animals, men, and gods find harmony in the last fleeting vestiges of undisturbed nature. In this breathtakingly beautiful and perilously frigid environment, two nature photographers embark on a quest to document a wild snow leopard, the holy grail of wildlife subjects. Amidst the menagerie of beautiful animals, these two men try not to disturb the balance of the world,…