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  • Burning



    Not as effective as I was hoping but still jaw droppingly sexy.  Maybe because this thing is slower than my Grandma when she gets behind the wheel. Having said that there were certain scenes that I truly had my jaw dropped at from sheer rawness and beauty. The scene where the triangle lovers smoke some pot and our lead takes her clothes off to dance in the wind in sync with the sun setting. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen in movie before.

  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco


    This is the equivalent of smoking a big joint and not knowing if you are high or not because there’s a hodge podge collage of every single thing you can imagine all in one movie where life and characters don’t even feel real but they are and the story is really damn humane for how wacky wacko this whole thing is. Solid debut from a unique ass mind who was more than likely stoned during the whole filmmaking process.

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  • Monos



    Besides getting high from the fact that Paul Thomas Anderson walked in and sat a few rows behind me right before the movie started THEN myself having a conversation with him about Punch-Drunk Love afterwards, i am strictly stoned from the visceral experience of this stunning look at warfare and survival. It’s dreamy and loose. It feels like a raging river flowing endlessly from scene to scene without any sense of control. The soundtrack ripped my fucking head off of my…

  • The Neon Demon

    The Neon Demon


    People gasping with disgust, people grabbing their mouths, people walking out of my theater. Glitter and blood. Lights and hair. Possession and innocence. Trickery and manipulation. Sex and gore. Intensity and disturbing. Shocking and grotesque. Violation and demonic. Neon and violent. Sexy and insane. Real and fake. Red and blue. Green and yellow. My afterthoughts are trailed with disgust. I never have witnessed such a shocking and divisive movie. A couple days and a rewatch is what needs to be…