Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★★

Y’all were right, I can’t believe it but y’all were actually right. Not only were y’all really right but that hype train that has been binded to this movie into its core since it was released didn’t diminish a single scene, frame, second. Nothing. Unscathed. This is very telling on what I love about cinema headass Manny over here saying that this movie truly cinematically tickled all 5 of my senses simultaneously throughout its gorgeously paced 2 hours. I knew within the first minute this shit was gonna slap me in my teets. WTF do I even mention here? ASMR brush strokes? That water regurgitation? (hot)  Those ghostly fantasy shots? (scary) The black eyeballs? (really fuckin scary) The Persona pull focus head beach scene? The fucking POSTER SCENE? I gotta stop or this will be a long review of me orgasming over phenomenal filmmaking, 15/5. PS: Criterion Collection really popped the fuck off with the transfer on this, one of the best looking Blu-rays I’ve ever seen in my entire 22 years of life. 


I’m done.

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