Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

David Robert Mitchell, you sleek son of a bitch. I have been waiting LIGHT YEARS for this shit. It Follows is one of my “life changing” motion pictures and I must say this man slapped me in the fucking teet with this film. Another polarizing odyssey of paranoia in the paradise of Los Angeles, just sprinkle some hazy ganja smoke in front of you and you’re right there. I spent $9 on a 32 gb USB so I could watch this from my Xbox on my TV and it was well worth the entire hassle and head trip, I really felt stoned the entire time and I really liked it? It’s incoherent and messy and really all over the place and it spoke to my ADHD ten folds. A mystery film that goes so far up its rabbit hole that it doesn’t look back.  Some people are gonna fucking HATE this and to those people I say HAHAAAAAA good riddance. Seeing my future living conditions in LA as Andrew Garfield wonders cluelessly location to location with off beat 60s one hit wonders and extravagant camera movements. Ahh there’s just too much to discuss. Can’t wait to watch it again in a week :)

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