Suspiria ★★★★½

"Love and manipulation, they share houses very often. They are frequent bedfellows."

Sometimes I think it is impossible for a sequel or remake to be well done, but Suspiria is the best exeption of the rule. Even though, the director himself said this isn't any of the two, it's in fact a homage to it's original of 1977.

It's hard to chose a favourite, both of them have different high points. Speaking solely of aesthetics, I'm sure to say the first one is more appealing to me. The exaggerated colours and the 70's feel you can only get from a film made at the time are really so special.

It's still important to note that Suspiria (2018) made an incredible job in costume design. From having clothes straight out of it's time (the cold war during the 70's) to the art pieces produced for the Volk presentation scene. This one brings an unexpected but wonderful art-filled feeling on it's costumes.

On yet another note, I might say this one is my favourite story-wise. Even though the film is 2h30mins long, it feels like the timing is just right and there is no dragging in any scene or plot line. This story feels more complete, showing us details that were left to our imagination on the first one. I do quite like when endings don't end, so I felt like the epilogue was a bit unnecessary.

It is weird to say I liked the a sequel better, but this might just be the case. One of the reasons why I might prefer this is how uncomfortable and disturbing the gore scenes are this time, specially the first one where Suzie is tethered to Olga while she dances. Suspiria (1977) will always have a place in my heart for it's colours and overall aesthetic, but this sure overcame it in story.

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