Fade to Black

Fade to Black ★★½


1980 In Review - October 

Spurned by a Marilyn Monroe look-alike, a film buff becomes a killer costumed as classic screen characters.

For a film brimming with some really good and original ideas, it’s a real shame that it can’t quite live up it. One of the main problems is that our antihero, Eric, an employee for an advertising firm, is not sympathetic in the slightest. This isn’t a character whom you feel sorry for and root for so much as you want to smack him a bit. He’s an ill tempered whiny wimp who attaches far too importance on to knowledge of movie trivia. Also what doesn’t help are the scenes with the normally entertaining Tim Thomerson, they are just not good. 
Besides all that it is fun in large parts, well, at least for most movie lovers. Apart from tons of movie references, there are clips from classics such as “Creature from the Black Lagoon” and “White Heat” smoothly edited in. It’s really cool to see Eric dress up as Dracula, Hopalong Cassidy and various others. What I also loved more than anything else, was the climax, it was set at the famous Chinese theatre, it’s always good to see this in a movie.

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